Unlike other parties, I simply can't rely on big business or trade unions to bankroll my campaigns.

My work in communities across the district can only happen with the generosity of members and supporters like you.

If you want to help build greener, fairer, and healthier communities where everyone has the opportunity to get ahead, please consider making a monthly contribution in to my election fighting fund today.

Here is how your support will help make sure that at the next election I stand a fighting chance: 

£5 - help us target 1,000 voters online each month, making sure they know our key campaigns for a safer, greener, and more caring future for our towns.

£10 - funds an hour telephone canvassing listening to local people and finding out the issues that matter most to them.

£25 - pays for a local residents survey delivered by volunteers to 1,000 homes.

£50 - would help us reach 10,000 voters across the local area, helping us to make sure people get our message.

£100 - would pay for a posted letter to 1,000 target voters that we’ve identified as being pivotal to the result.

£250covers the cost of buying a leaflet for a ward, helping us build our teams on the ground.